HEA supports staff development initiatives at RUW, Bahrain

16 August 2016

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is to work with the Royal University for Women (RUW) in Bahrain through a series of bespoke workshops to support the University's ongoing development programme for teaching staff.

The HEA will deliver programmes at RUW in September and November this year.  The September workshops will be devoted to Teaching Metohodologies,  including the use of technology in teaching.  The November programme will focus on ‘Assessment and Feedback’ and HEA Fellowship.

Professor Mazin Juma’ah, President of RUW, says, “The collaboration between RUW and the HEA is a positive step in the direction of maintaining and enhancing academic excellence at RUW. HEA, with its ‘global input network’, will undertake a series of capacity building workshops for RUW academic staff to enhance the quality of teaching and learning support and experience for students, ensuring that the education they receive is truly world class.”

Dr Mona Suri, Academic Vice-President, says, “RUW is committed to continuously enhance the teaching and learning environment at RUW. These capacity building workshops for the academic staff at RUW aim to make enhancements to their practice and to achieve international recognition as Fellows of HEA. RUW is looking forward to benefiting from this partnership with HEA, especially with the knowledge, experience and expertise that HEA has in higher education.”

Kathryn Harrison-Graves, HEA Head of International Services, said, “We are very pleased to be working with RUW to support their teaching staff development programme.  We have a great programme which I believe will support RUW in its work to continuously improve the academic experience of its students.

“We aim to support universities in the professionalisation of teaching staff by aligning all our work to the Professional Standard Framework.  We work in partnership with universities in reaching their goals, and use insights from our evidence-based experience of what works in teaching to achieve this.”

The HEA works with Ministries, institutions and individuals from all over the Middle East.  A significant and growing part that of that work is to accredit professional development courses which results in successful delegates achieving HEA Fellowship.  There are now more than 325 HEA Fellows in the region.

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