Suranaree University of Technology looks to HEA Fellowship to support great teaching

31 January 2017

The HEA is delivering a further portfolio work with Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Thailand, as the University intensifies its focus on teaching excellence and the continuous professional development of its teaching staff.

SUT has been an HEA strategic partner since 2015. The University is looking to increase the number of HEA Fellows through a series of bespoke workshops and by developing its own HEA accredited programme, STARS (SUT Teaching Academics Recognition Scheme). Once accredited, this programme will enable SUT to confer successful course attendees with HEA Associate Fellowship. 

The programme, which will run from January through to July 2017, is being led by Professor Abby Cathcart, Queensland University of Technology. Professor Cathcart is a Principal Fellow of the HEA.

The first part of the initiative has focussed on support for Fellowship and Senior Fellowship applications for 20 SUT staff. This group will go on to mentor other colleagues in their Fellowship applications.  At the same time, the Rector of the University, Professor  Dr Prasart Suebka, has led the way by embarking on the process to become a Principal Fellow of the HEA.

Associate Professor Dr. Prapasri Asawakun, Vice Rector for Teaching Development and Support of Learning Affairs, who is leading this initiative at SUT, said, “We are absolutely committed to delivering a great academic experience for our students, and that’s why we are working hard to support teaching staff through HEA Fellowship. 

“Fellowship is aligned to the Professional Standards Framework and gives our staff an internationally respected mark of recognition for their teaching, as well as the opportunity for professional development.”

Kathryn Harrison-Graves, the HEA’s Head of International Services, said, ”This new tranche of work with SUT is an important step in supporting their determination to take a dynamic approach to teaching, always looking to reflect on, improve and learn from best practice.  I am confident that both staff and students will benefit as Fellowship and CPD become part of the teaching fabric of the University.”  

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