Route to HEA Fellowship for Spanish Business School

22 May 17

Spain-based ESIC Business & Marketing School has become an HEA Strategic Partner.  ESIC is the first HEA Strategic Partner in continental western Europe.

The partnership will begin with work to support a number of highly experienced ESIC staff in their applications to become Senior Fellows of the HEA.  Thereafter, the HEA will work with the ESIC team to develop its own HEA accredited programme.  This will enable ESIC to award HEA Fellowship to its staff who successfully complete the programme.  All the work will be fully aligned to the Professional Standards Framework.

Dr Gaston Fornes, Director at ESIC Business & Marketing School, and himself a Principal Fellow of the HEA, said, “It’s very important for us to focus on teaching excellence. Our new partnership with the HEA will provide a focal point through the recognition of staff via HEA Fellowship, and at the same time demonstrate ESIC’s commitment to constantly advancing the student learning and teaching experience.”

“Professor Stephanie Marshall, HEA Chief Executive, said, “I am delighted that we are in a strategic partnership with ESIC.  It’s vital to encourage and recognise great teaching – that’s what HEA Fellowship does. This partnership grows our global network and means that we have an ever richer source of expertise and experience to contribute to our communities of practice.”

ESIC was the first business school in Spain; founded in 1952, it now has 13 campuses, including two in Brazil.

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