New initiative at Bahrain Polytechnic for HEA Accreditation

4 July 17

The HEA is to work with Bahrain Polytechnic in a project to develop a new Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

Bahrain Polytechnic and HEA staff will work together to prepare the new PG Certificate and the institution’s existing Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning (CTTL) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) portfolio for HEA Accreditation, aligning the programmes to the globally recognised Professional Standards Framework.

Once accredited, Bahrain Polytechnic, as an HEA Strategic Partner, will be able to award HEA Fellowships to successful attendees of these programmes.

Dr Jeff Zabudsky, CEO at Bahrain Polytechnic, said; “We are very excited about developing this course and working towards HEA Accreditation for our initial training and CPD programmes.  This is an important part in our strategy and commitment to continuously improve the academic experience of our students. 

“HEA Accreditation provides external and independent confirmation that our professional development for teaching staff is aligned with global benchmarks for teaching excellence.  That sends a very positive message about our commitment to delivering world-class teaching.”

Kathryn Harrison-Graves, HEA Head of Global Services, said, “We’re really pleased to be working on this project with Bahrain Polytechnic.  We know that recognition through HEA Fellowship is valued and motivating for HE teaching staff, recognising their hard work and commitment, so it’s very good news that staff at Bahrain Polytechnic will be rewarded in this way.   

“The Professional Stands Framework offers a unique benchmark for teaching standards, with flexibility and relevance for the diverse range of institutions delivering HE.  It’s great that this project will open the door to an even closer relationship with Bahrain Polytechnic.”

The work with Bahrain Polytechnic will be undertaken in two phases, first reviewing the programmes, followed by an extended developmental workshop to complete the Postgraduate Certificate and CTTL plans and prepare them it for a submission for HEA Accreditation.  The work is expected to be completed this year and will be led at Bahrain Polytechnic by Dr Andrew Thomas, SFHEA, who is heading up the development of the Centre for Continuing Professional Education.

Bahrain Polytechnic was established by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa by Royal Decree in 2008. As the Kingdom’s only polytechnic, Bahrain Polytechnic serves Bahrain and the wider Gulf region by offering technical and applied professional education, short courses, and applied research and consultancy services whilst adopting the problem-based learning approach (PBL).

The HEA has a long track record of successful work in Bahrain and in the Middle East, supporting Ministries and institutions develop their higher education teaching strategies and staff development programmes.  There are now over 450 HEA Fellows in the region.

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