Curriculum Development programme

This programme equips participants with the knowledge and skills to develop an action plan for curriculum development across the university.

Universities worldwide seek to design and implement curricula that encourage innovative teaching and enable students to develop critical thinking skills and enhance their employability prospects. This two-day programme addresses these needs. Aimed primarily at programme directors and heads of faculty, it provides your staff with the understanding and skills needed to develop an outcomes-based curriculum.

The first day of the programme begins with a plenary presentation introducing learning outcomes, considering their strengths and how their weaknesses can be mitigated by careful design.

Using small group activities the programme actively engages delegates as they learn about the five key elements in designing an outcomes-based curriculum:

  • identifying and writing desired learning outcomes
  • delineating fundamental concepts and content
  • determining how students will learn
  • assessment
  • feedback

Day two of the workshop will enable delegates to learn how an outcomes-based curriculum can be implemented. The key areas of focus are:

  • how to address barriers and challenges to implementation
  • how to evaluate effectively
  • how to undertake a curriculum review

The HEA also offer you the possibility of expanding the initial programme in order to analyse your existing curricula and develop an action plan for future transformation.

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