National Framework for Teaching Quality (NFTQ)

Enhancing and maintaining the best possible standards in your higher education sector

The Higher Education Academy supports governments across the world to develop professional standards frameworks in higher education learning and teaching.

As global leaders in learning and teaching enhancement, the HEA is uniquely positioned to advise on the approach that best meets your needs.

Typically, the HEA’s approach will involve four stages:

1. Establishing a National Professional Standards Framework. This will raise teaching standards nationally and enable benchmarking of your teaching staff against global best-practice

2. Developing a National Centre for Teaching Excellence. The HEA will work to identify, train and mentor a select group to manage the development and roll-out of your Professional Standards Framework

3. Development of a Certificate of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Skills gaps will be identified for individual teachers and addressed through the development of bespoke training programmes. These programmes can be developed nationally or on an institution by institution basis

4. Skills development workshops. The HEA will run workshops with key staff to provide training in priority areas such as curriculum design, innovative pedagogy, assessment and recognition of teaching staff.

Enhancing learning and teaching in Bahrain

Working with the Higher Education Council at the Ministry of Education, the HEA is developing a bespoke version of its model for the continuing professional development of teaching and support staff in Bahrain. Over the next four years, the HEA is helping to deliver the framework to over 800 academics in 12 universities in the Kingdom.

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