Accreditation of current professional development programmes

Providing you with the authority to award HEA Fellowship to staff in recognition of their continuing success in teaching and supporting learning

The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) is the only national framework in the world dedicated to supporting the development of learning and teaching staff in higher education. The UKPSF has been developed through extensive collaborative research and sector consultation. Higher education institutions can be confident of the robustness and consistency of the HEA’s accreditation process.

If your institution already has a staff development programme, the HEA can review it, and provide guidance in making a successful submission for HEA accreditation against the UKPSF.

Upon achieving accreditation, subscribing institutions are granted the authority to award HEA Fellowships to eligible staff in recognition of their continuing success in teaching and supporting learning.

Accreditation reflects achievement and commitment in learning and teaching and is a sign of quality for students, teachers and support staff. It:

  • Raises the profile of learning and teaching, and celebrates its status alongside research
  • Demonstrates to students a measurable commitment to the quality of teaching
  • Raises the standards of teaching and encourages best practice
  • Enables staff to gain automatic recognition and reward for developing capabilities and progressing as an educator
  • Supports senior staff in developing policies, systems and a culture for recognising and rewarding teaching
  • Makes it possible to benchmark provision against nationally recognised quality standards.

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