Fellowship writing workshops

Benefit from focused and dedicated time to apply for recognition as a Fellow of the HEA

Fellowship writing workshops are aimed at professionals who teach and support learning in higher education and who seek to benefit from focused and dedicated time to apply for recognition as a Fellow of the HEA, an internationally recognised mark of professional competency.

In the UK and internationally, a growing number of institutions are building an institutional Fellowship to demonstrate their commitment to quality teaching.

Higher education professionals are eligible to apply for Fellowship of the HEA by demonstrating that they meet the requirements of one of the four descriptors contained in the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), a market-leading framework dedicated to supporting the development of higher education staff involved in enhancing the learning experience of students.

The workshops are appropriate for professionals aspiring to become a Fellow at any of the four categories:

Associate Fellow For staff new to teaching or with some responsibility to support
Fellow For staff who are established and have a broad base in learning and teaching and who can provide evidence of their effectiveness through reflection.
Senior Fellow For staff who have a sustained record of effectiveness in relation to learning and teaching through leadership and management of aspects of learning and teaching provision.
Principal Fellow For highly experienced staff with a sustained and effective record of impact at a strategic level in relation to learning and teaching, within and beyond their institution.

In the structured environment of the Fellowship writing workshop, participants benefit from one-to-one expert support from HEA staff to assist them with action-planning and next steps. They are given the opportunity to reflect on the quality and effectiveness of their professional practice and share their experiences with other delegates. During the workshop, they will:

  • Consider the Fellowship category most appropriate for their profile
  • Engage in critical reflection about their professional practice
  • Share issues and discuss experiences with peers regarding their Fellowship application
  • Identify future training requirements
  • Progress with drafting their Fellowship application

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